Art Deco New Zealand by Terry Moyle

For the first time a book that looks at New Zealand`s special  relationship with Art Deco and the impact

of the bulidings styles, not only on Napier and Hastings but elsewhere in the country.

Art Deco New Zealand identifies where New Zealand Art Deco bulidings can be found, from the majestic 

to the mundane, from Kaitaia to Invercargill. 

With many examples of New Zealand,s Art Deco bulidings dilapidated,

modified or lost, the magnificent illustrations of Rosie Louise and Terry Moyle provide a compelling and evocative vision 

of the past. Art Deco New Zealand conveys the style of the beautiful and functional buildings,

along with the cars of the period. This informative and generously photographed book provides a new 

appreciation of the extene of New Zealand,s Art Deco heritage. 

This is a essential title for anyone interested in Art Deco or travelling in

New Zealand,s North and South Islands.

Art Deco New Zealand by Terry Moyle
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