Bingo Book - Eye Spy with my Little Eye. . .

Classic games for kids to play on a long road trip. Designed in New Zealand by Moana Road.

Games involve looking out the window to find items on a list. Recommended age 5+

All contained in a sturdy, ring-bound book with marker pen attached. 

Games include Bingo, Yahtzee and Cricket.

How to Play Bingo

  • Look for the items on your game card. When you find one, point it out and cross it out with your marker pen.
  • When you find five items in a horizontal, diagonal or vertical row, shout Bingo!!
  • The first person to do this will win this round.

(Play Mega Bingo by crossing out all 25 boxes and the reward is an ice-cream at the next dairy!)

About Moana Road
Paul Ballentyne started Moana Road (then ‘Moana Road Art') in 2008. A surfer of nearly three decades, Paul knew where some of the most stunning and untouched places in NZ were and so he began photographing them. Beautiful scenery shots, as well as unique ‘Kiwiana’ subject matter, proved very popular and so Paul began selling his images at many outdoor markets all over New Zealand. Paul is passionate about sharing the beauty and culture of his beloved NZ.

Bingo Book - Eye Spy with my Little Eye. . .
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