Waimea Plains Railway Trust Projects

The Waimea Plains Railway Trust has been set up to establish and operate a working heritage rail precinct at Mandeville.  

This facility is adjacent to the Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre and will provide a complimentary visitor experience.

Currently these dedicated people are Trustees on the Board:

Colin Smith - Chairman, Robert Storm, Bill Christie, John Clegg, Mark Burton, Carl Findlater, Duncan Robbie

Graeme Miller, & Donald Ross.

Life Memberships: Bill Sutherland & Bill Christie

  •  Waimea Plains Railway Line
    To create a workable heritage railway yard beside the Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre Click here to see progress to date - from Drone footage Feb 2019
  • Gully Building ex Dunedin Railway
    This will be used as a base for K92 and provide protection, from weather conditions. Major fundraising is underway for this project and further details will be added here in due course.
  • Plan A: Hatfield Loop Develop a 2km loop track around the Mandeville aerodrome. This will be connected to the Railway Yard track and enable visitors to travel on K92.
  • Plan B: Kingston Crossing Loop Develop a 2km section of straight track to picnic area adjacent to the Kingston Crossing Road. This will also be connected to the earlier track stages and again allow visitors to travel on K92.
  • Eventually as the project progresses we hope to have a dedicated Railway Display Building. In the meantime some artifacts and information will be on display at the Croydon Aviation Heritage Centre.
  • This shows an aerial photograph of the 'The Moth' Precinct incorporating the Waimea Plains Rail area. The yellow lines indicate rail track. Stage 1 Yard area (almost complete) Stage 2 Hatfield Loop (around the airfield) Stage 3 Kingston Crossing Loop (Following the main road)