Waimea Plains Railway Line

In 2002 the Waimea Plains Railway Trust was set up to establish and operate a heritage railyard at Mandeville.  The design of the Heritage yard is to embody at least one of every type of Rail Structure/Fixture in use, from the 1880's through to the early 1900's.  This resulted in there being in excess of 30 items to establish in an excact predetermined position. Then these structures in turn become connected with lengths of straight rail, resulting in a complex fully operational railway yard. This facility is adjacent to the Croydon Aviation Museum and will provide a complimentary visitor experience.

Development of the railway yard including laying working track for K92 to operate on within the yard area.

As at March 2017, 16 of these structures have been built up and located where they should be.  Several sets of straight rail have been established to enable two key lines to become substantially complete.

Turntable and a viewing platform.

DRONE FOOTAGE From late 2018

 Waimea Plains Railway Line

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