Fokker Eindecker Scale 1:72


The Fokker `Eindecker` ( Meaning Single Wing ) monoplane fighters were the first purpose designed German fighter aircraft of the First World War. Fitted for the first time with proper `interrupter gear` which enabled the single machine gun to fire through the blades of the propeller, the Eindecker was able to easily shoot down the slow and vunerable Allied reconnaissance aircarft of the peroid. So successful was the Fokker from mid - 1915 to early 1916 that this peroid become know as the `Fokker Scourge`   

. Length 100mm Width 140mm 

. Number of parts 35

. skill 2 

. Age suitabilty 8+ 

. supplied unassembled and unpainted. Hobby tools, glue & paints are needed to complete 

. paint colours (not included ) 11, 31, 34, 53, 62,64, 78, 93, 98, - these can also be purchased online - or contact us for any colours not 

currently available as online purchase. 

Fokker Eindecker Scale 1:72
Paints are not included - but we can order for you.
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