Grumman F4F4 Wildcat


The Gumman F4F-4 Wildcat was the US Navys primary carrier borne fighter aircarft at the start of the second 

World War. Characterised by its stubby appearance the Wildcat had been developed from Grumman`s successful range of pre-war biplanes and had entered service with the US Navy a year prior to Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. By the time of the crucial battles for Midway and Guadalcanal the F4F-4 modal had become the most numerous variant and new  tactics enabled American naval and marine piolts to gain the upper hand on the previously all-conquering Mitsubishi Zero. 

. Length 122mm Width 160mm 

. Number of parts 58

. Age suitabilty: 8+

.Skill 2 

. Set includes Poly cement 2 Paint brushes  6 Acrylic Paints  

Grumman F4F4 Wildcat
Includes 2 brushes, poly cement & 6 paints
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