DVD DH 88 The story so far...

Colin Smith : To begin with in 1985, we established this Airfield and 

the Restoration Facility, Prior to the that i was an Engineer and previously 

i`d done a little bit of work, just to keep the local De Havilland Planes 


Around 1985 the value of older aircraft started to appreciate making 

a commercial restoration facility viable and we slowly bulit up a 

reputation for quality. It was painful at the time probably, but  

by jove, i dont regret it now.

Our capability, and our reputation, that we set out to achieve, has brought 

us work that we didn`t dream of in the beginning. 

DVD DH 88 The story so far...
Creation of a flying legend includes the story of Croydon Aviation Heritage Trust & Croydon Aircraft Co.
This DVD plays in the Aviation Hanger at Mandeville
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