Dreaming Of Thee

In 2017, a cache of WW2 letters opened a window to the lives of my gran, great-gran and their two sons were close in age.  The elder, Uncle 'Cully', headed off as a pilot and was soon followed into the RNZAF by Terry.  The war claimed them both only months apart, leaving their mothers with more questions than answers for years after,  

This books presents the letters home of a young Terry Dixon.  His illustrative writing describes his journey and experiences from New Zealand to Canada, the UK and Africa.

His legacy for my family is a box of letters, fading photos and clippings and a lingering shadow over our growing up, but also the message of hope for a better future in the words he wrote home, "Dreaming of Thee".

Dreaming Of Thee
A young airman's letters home
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Tere Davies
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