A Passion for Flight Volume One

New Zealand's part in aviation's pioneering era prior to the Great War 1914-1918 is now largely forgottten, save a few exceptions, such as Richard Pearse and the controversary that has surrounded him and his first aeroplane.

Not only is the Richard Pearse controversary finally put to rest here, but readers will also be surprised to learn just how many New Zealanders were actively engaged in one field or another of aeronautical activity.  By 1914 they had filed some 70 patents, built or begun the construction of over 30 gliders or aeroplanes, worked with airships or learned to fly, here and abroad.

These were the infant years of the aviation that we know today.  Little was known or understood about the subject then.   Nevertheless anything and everything seemed possible to the passionate enthusiast.

A Passion for Flight Volume One
Ideas, First Flight Attempts and the Aeronaunts 1868-1909
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Errol W Martyn
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