A Passion for Flight Volume Three

The Joe Hammond story and military beginnings 1910-1914.  Whereas Vol 2 concentrated on civil aviation during 1910-1914 this focuses primarily on the military aspect.

Presenting for the first time the full and long overdue account of Feilding born Joseph Joel (Joe) Hammond, the most prominent and sucessful NZ aviator of the period but who is now largely forgotten.  Hammond was the first British Colonial to obtain an aviator's certificate.  He made pioneering flights in Australia, including the first military flights there, was an early member of the Royal Flying Corps, a flying instructor, test pilot, and a member of the British Aviation Mission to the USA in 1918.

A detailed account of NZ's prewar approach to military aviation developement explains why a cautious policy was adopted.

Over 700 pages & more than 500 illustrations.

A Passion for Flight Volume Three
NZ Aviation before the Great War
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Errol W Martyn
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