Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vc

One of the most famous aircraft ever to take to the skies and one which is as famous today as it was during the savage dogfights of the Battle of Britain, the Submarine Spitfire was designed as a short range hight performance inteceptor taking inspiration from the inter-war seaplanes which had competed for the Schneider Trophy.  Representing a significant advancement in aviation technology compared to the biplane fighters which were still in widespread service during the mid 1930's, the Spitfire would go on to see servicethroughout the Second world War, undergoing constant development to keep it at the forefront of fighter design.  Introduced as something of an interim design the MK.V. would go on to be the most heavily produced variant of Spitfire and featured the more powerfulMerlin 45 engine and highly advanced 'universal wing'which allowed different armorment options to be fitted to the fighter with relative ease.

Length 131mm

Wingspan 157mm

Pieces 26

Ages 8 +

Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vc
Skill Level 1
Starter set
Contains Poly Cement, Paint Brush & 4 acrylic paints
NZ$ 35.00
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