Military Aviation of the First World War

  • Records in an easy-to-absorb way all the nations that had an aviation presence – even if it was only one plane or pilot – in the First World War

  • Also includes profiles all the aces that had success, particularly those from the UK and Germany

  • Superbly illustrated with over 490 mono photographs

  • A must-have for military enthusiasts, historians, modellers and those interested in First World War aviation

This beautifully illustrated book provides details of every power that took part in Military aircraft activity during the First World War. The war was a global conflict with 57 nations involved but with aviation being in its infancy only eight nations had a major air arm to their fighting Services. The Allies: Britain, America, Italy, Belgium, France, and Russia and then the Central Powers comprising Germany and Austria - Hungary.

The book covers the formation, establishment and wartime exploits of all the major air powers during the war, as well as providing thumbnail sketches of all the major aces for each country, giving full coverage to:

The Allies: The Royal Flying Corps, The French Military Air Service, The United States Air Service, Aeronautica de Region Esercito (Italy), The Belgian Air Arm, The Russian Imperial Air Services.

The Central Powers: The Imperial German Air Service, and the Austro-Hungarian flying service However, smaller powers (at the time) like Australia, Canada and Japan as well as Portugal, Serbia, Romania and South Africa are all featured is this fascinating book.

Military Aviation of the First World War
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