My Throne a Cockpit

'Our office was the cockpit of a topdressing aeroplane, so it was not hard to think of my seat as a throne.  On top of the world, the daily commute took in the grandeur of the mountains, the beauty of the world going about its business below.  Whether I was at work on the airstrip, or in the cockpit, life was never dull.  Every work day was different, and I never knew whether today I'd meet with danger or delight.'

My Throne, A Cockpit is a sometimes funny, sometimes serious ramble through the world of topdressing in the 1970's told from the unique perspective of a loader driver.  Based in Central Otago, Owen Williamson worked all around the South Island, meeting a fascinating bunch of pilots, mechanics, drivers and, of course, farmers along the way.

My Throne a Cockpit
Topdressing tales from the skies of Central Otago in the 1970's
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Owen Donald Williamson
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